Da-da-dahhhh: our 2014 vintage

wein glas u chillisOur 2014 vintage is another step up.  Like the previous vintage, it was tested to the quality bench mark of Praedikatswein, by submitting it to the official tests. We like the blend of aromas that stem from our three different bits of vines, two Silvaner bits from different soils (and thus different grapes) and one small bit of Bacchus. If this makes you think of a sweet wine, think again. Our wine is dry, with a round feel in the mouth, despite the relatively low percentage of alcohol. Aromas of flowers and green fruits, with a hint of spice and a well-balanced and subtle level of acidity.

We have tried the vintage with a variety of dishes, – the conclusion: don’t just eat it with asparagus.  Try other crazy dishes, veggie or not (- we did butternut squash schnitzel, – I know, but had to be done), try a slow-cooked roast ( – we did a roast beef at 110 degrees for 3 hrs, with pickled lemons, moroccan-syle), winter soups or lights bruschettas, cheeses, from firm to runny, – the wine seemed to add something to all of them.  Ok, there was a goats cheese that didn’t work; and desserts won’t work, as the wine is dry.  And yes, that’s a lot of tasting.  And the best moment was probably just the wine on its own, all outside at a picnic, shivering, but indulging in a „summer feeling“ with summer wine.  Whatever the convictions of yourself and your tastebuds, – try this wine, – ah yes, it is also vegan.

What makes this wine so special? With such a small quantity, it is possibly to be pernickety to the last detail, throughout the year, with every pruning step.  On top of that, we harvest manually, with friends.  Both aspects allow us to say that we put very healthy, ripe, flavoury fruits into the cellar. Being organic adds another level to it: preventing the spread of diseases adds more effort to the venture, the halving of the grape bunches in June is a big part of that. By digging so deep into the subject matter, we can hopefully provide a very interesting blog for reading and a very special bottle to enjoy with friends. Feel free to contact us with feedback, questions and orders on more@greenfeatherwine.com.

bottle collage

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