new year

A New Year

vineyard morning winter pfalz

Mid-January, – and our first trip to the vineyard. The saw suggests it is going to get physical. We are cutting out the vines that got killed off by a disease called ‘Esca’ last year.  Altogether not a very atmospheric trip. Which is why I am posting pictures from a different wine area altogether, the Pfalz. Here, during a recent early morning run, a winter run in T-shirt, I could observe every possible stage of winter vineyard work: from vineyards that did not see a harvest, to others already cut and pruned, to others cleared out entirely: I hope our Esca-related vine cutting will not look as dramatic!

vines ripped out

Happy New Year

The Parrots’ approach to the New Year seems to be: Secure your bottle tops early. (Is there a hint in there, I wonder? Bottle tops instead of corks this year?) If you want to watch two minutes of Marzipan and Erbse (two male caiques) playfighting, check out the video below (barely any sound, just some content gurgling noises).  How would you describe those moves? Karate? Feather-shoulder-stands? Contact-improvisation?  Who knows.  But if it put a smile to your face, then it served its purpose: Happy New Year!