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In Darmstadt, Germany, you can buy our wines in the following shops

Vinocentral, Platz der Deutschen Einheit 21, Darmstadt

Louis und Louise, Forstmeisterstraße 3, Darmstadt (neben Belleville)

CoWo21, Holzhofallee 21, Darmstadt ( Montag-Freitag, 8-18 Uhr)

Schmuckkunst, Kiesbergstr. 31, Darmstadt

And also in Cologne (or Köln!)

Zwölfgrad Sekt & Wein, Martin Luther Platz 1, Köln

and also in the very best restaurants and hotels of Montreal, Canada via the mighty


or direct more@greenfeatherwine.com! If you're in a different country then let us know and we can find the best option.

For fun, you can read Marianne's thoughts about a postmodern email only online shop.

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  • Green Feather Wine – Silvaner 2012

    The 2012 vintage – our second ever wine. Slightly fuller than 2011 with fruity bouquet and even more popular than the last. We also have a stylish new label with a picture of Marzipan by local artist Sonja Schmidt.

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  • Green Feather Wine – Silvaner 2013

    Our first fully organic (bio) wine! The 2013 vintage is a Prädikatswein with a refreshingly low alcohol content (10%). Label features picture of Marzipan by local artist Sonja Schmitt. (parrot not included!)

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  • Green Feather Wine – Silvaner 2014

    The 2014 vintage has had rave reviews. Bottled in late 2015, this is an organic Silvaner with a little twist of Bacchus. Once again, a Prädikatswein with 11% alcohol. Label features picture of Marzipan by local artist Sonja Schmitt. (parrot not included!)

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  • Green Feather Wine – Silvaner 2015

    “Spät woa’s, passt hod’s”: It is 2015 and we have applied a lot of extra tlc to our vines to allow us to harvest our organic grapes as late as possible, but still healthy. The work pays off: Not only do we have a Praedikatswein with 12.5% alcohol, but the small portion of Bacchus translates into very accentuated and unusual Sauvignon-blanc-type aromas in the finished wine. An even more selective approach during harvest leads to a very gentle acidity.
    Still a very young wine, it has the potential to be the most aromatic of our wines.
    In 2017, it won a third place (silver medal) in an international organic wine competition (“internationaler bioweinpreis”), yay!!!
    RS: 8,4g/l. Aci: 6,3g/l. Alc: 12,5% free SO2: 30mg/l BIO

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  • Green Feather Wine – Silvaner 2016

    “Full Moon Grapes”: At this early stage, nice minerality on the nose. Subtle fruit and almond aromas. We had requests for even less acidity, et voilá. If you fancy rolling around in the feel of brioche and alcohol, and don’t want to be disturbed by potent acidity and sweetness, this is your wine. Certainly the wine with the biggest body, our bodybuilder so to speak. We had three harvests, the last one at 101 Öchsle, hence the high alcohol. Fermentation as cold and restrained as possible. Our Bacchus did not like this, so we bottled a pure Silvaner wine. Produced in the same organic way as our vintages since 2013, save for cellar certification.
    RS: 1,5g/l. Aci: 4,7g/l. Alc: 12,5% free SO2: 24mg/l

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  • Jute Green Feather Bag

    Made from jute – a sustainable material made from vegetable fibers. Green Feather drawing of Marzipan by Sonja Schmidt. Carries 6 wine bottles. Dividers are removable (also jute). Sold at cost price. Note: the photo shows the bag in use – the product described here is only the bag and the dividers inside!

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