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Delivering wine abroad is quite complicated! That’s why it’s not yet possible using our online shop. But by all means email us at more@greenfeatherwine.com and we’ll see what we can do. In the meantime – here’s Marianne’s original ‘post-modern wine shop’ post (referring to our 2011 and 2012 wines)!

We created a tab called “shop”.  I thought – and you did (did you?) by clicking on it – that having a “shop” was a good idea. It shows that we don’t just pour the wine into the gap between the sofa and the living room wall once we have agonised over the bottling and the nice label. Yes, the wine is nice and sell-able, a subtle, almost dry white wine that should be served quite chilled and opened around an hour before you drink it. (If you are someone who thinks, like me, that Riesling tastes ‘round’, with the sequence of taste and acid, then Silvaner, I find, tastes ‘straight’.  Hmm, I shall prepare myself for disagreement.)

But how postmodern is that shop that you are buying our wine from?  Can you sense pressing against a heavy glass door to step into the shop as a bell triggered by the door announces your arrival? It smells of fermentation and cork and the cool air coming off the black-and-grey mosaic stone tiles invites you to linger as you choose your wine.


But the truth is, we have not yet come very close to doing a real-life shop or even a wine stall.  [… this was written back in 2013…] Our first ever wine stall will be at the Open Day of an artists’ quartier in Darmstadt, on 21-22 September 2013. Now, we knew we could not just roll up on 21 September, but actually had to think about how we put “a wine stall” together. So we went there, to the Klein’sche Hoefe in Darmstadt, to “survey”.

But so bad is our luck with the very idea of a physical sales venue that, just as we surveyed the empty parking lot where our stall will be (me miming the handing out of wine samples in blistering heat, – cups, change, a thank you with a smile), we saw heavy smoke coming from hedge/tree/parked cars across the road, –  a mid-city bush fire happening under our eyes. Calls. Fire services. More smoke, of the ‘thank god it’s over’ type.  Heat still lingering.

So, how tempting to go back to that idea of a cool shop, bare feet against the black-and-grey floor, the white comfy chair that you fall into to taste and pick your wine. (Whether you want one of our two parrots nibble on your shoulder while you choose your wine, is up to you.  Something to distract you from the shop feel as such, the phone with the ring tone of a traktor engine, the cork and fermentation smell. Something to take you to your own mind space where flavours linger.  – Whether you can wrap yourself into the flavours directly; whether you feel good memories triggered by the flavours you sense; whether you start thinking of what to eat/cook with those flavours; – the time in the white chair is yours, assuming you’ve put enough coins into the parking meter.)

And after all this effort you will discover that, right now, there are only two wines to choose from, both are dry “Silvaners”, one from 2011 and one from 2012. [more these days… ] Our stocks are low, word of mouth having already been our best sales rep.


… Traubenkernoel/grape seed oil still to come

So, why not sit down in that virtual lounge. All you have to know, if you are ordering to a location in Germany, there’s no VAT/Ust on it and we also courier-deliver to your door step, for Euros 5,80 a box. The packaging allows you to choose 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, 18 bottles or any multiples of these. (For two boxes, delivery is 2×5,80, etc).

If you are from any other country on this planet, you can send us your purchase wishlist and we can see whether the customs/excise, etc regulations allow us to go through with it.

I hope you are comfy and cool in your virtual chair, as we take your order on more@greenfeatherwine.com.  It is nice to have a shop!

Payment? Payment. Someone is shouting ‘Payment’.  Ah, yes. Another essential feature of a shop, as essential as that nice white lounge chair, otherwise the whole shop idea goes up in a blaze; we can’t order all that winery equipment like vats and press and deliver future vintages. Here it is, – transfer  your money for your order to: The Green Feather account, DKB DE52 1203 0000 1020 1836 02. , BIC BYLADEM1001. If that doesn’t work for you, check with us re paypal.

The bell goes again, the heavy glass door is pushed open by the next customer looking for  an escape from the summer heat in the road outside. Parking, guys, she sighs, when are you guys going to get parking spaces for your shop.  I can see the demands won’t stop. A live band? A video showing how we play the ‘grape lottery’, leaving ‘the best ones’ on the stems for autumn and cutting the rest out? Let’s…. just… go slowly, start with a real shop.  Der Weg ist das Ziel, and all that. Thank you for your order!

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