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Green Feather Winter Weinstand

Hello Darmstadt: Den Darmstaedter Green Feather Wein gibt’s zu kosten&kaufen: am 12. 12., von 10-18 Uhr, im Martinsviertel, bei unserem Weinstand vor der Schickeblumenmeisterei, Schuknechtstrasse 1, (beim Schlossgrabenplatz/Cafe Schwarz-Weiss/Cafe Carpe Diem).  Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch!! Bis dann.

DA Winzer flyer

Der 2014er Wein stellt sich vor


wein glas u chillis

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In unserem 2014er Praedikatswein lassen sich sowohl auf der Nase als auch im Mund Aromen von Gräsern und grünen Früchten erkennen. Bacchus-Aromen klingen ebenfalls durch. Trotz des eher leichten Alkoholgehalts (11%) zeichnet er sich durch ein volles Mundgefühl aus.  Die Säure ist eher verhalten. Er geht also von seinen Primäraromen durchaus über einen normalen ‚Spargel-Silvaner‘ hinaus.  Wir haben ihn zu verschiedensten Suppengerichten, ausgefallenen Gemüse-Gerichten (wie „Butternut Squash-Schnitzel“), Lungenbraten, Fish mit ausgefallenen Saucen (inspiriert von ottolenghi), Bruschettas mit verschiedensten Grünzeugen und Kräutern, Käse von fliessend bis fest – und der Wein hat das Essen immer bereichert (Fotos dazu im Link). Am besten hat er aber doch geschmeckt, als wir im Weinberg selbst Picknick machten, alle bibberten, aber dennoch „Sommer“ und Sommerwein genossen.  Und fuer wen Fleisch, etc nicht dazugehoert, fuer den passt der Wein auch, – er ist vegan.

In dem Wein finden sich die Trauben von drei Weinparzellen in Loerzweiler, einmal Bacchus, zweimal Silvaner (von verschiedenen Boeden). Daher der Name „Drei Stueckerl“.  Der Wein ist trocken.  Daher müsste man sich grad mal zum Dessert etwas Anderes suchen.  Süß wird’s dann beim Glühwein, bei unserem nächsten Weinstand, aber auch da gemäßigt.

Was macht unseren Prädikatswein “Drei Stueckerl” so besonders? Bei einer solch kleinen Menge kann man sehr genau arbeiten, perfektionistisch sozusagen.  So ernten wir mit Freunden per Hand und können jegliche Fäulnis ausschneiden. Wenn nur Gesundes im Keller landet, das aber mit vollem/r Geschmack und Reife, dann „ist das schon die halbe Miete“. Und dann sind wir noch bio-zeritifiziert, d.h. auch, dass die Präventionn von Krankheiten der Trauben grossgeschrieben ist.  Das bedeutet auch viel Handarbeit während des Jahrs.  Diese gesamte Blogseite strotzt nur so von Infos, wie wir das Jahr über die Trauben behandeln, – damit was “Super-Gutes” rauskommt.  Viel Spass beim Lesen …

… und beim Trinken. Anfragen und Bestellungen gerne über more@greenfeatherwine.com.  Die ersten Päckchen sind schon bei Ihren Bestellern gelandet. Wenn’s weiter ist, macht’s der Paketdienst.  In Darmstadt kann’s schon sein, dass ein paar bunt-Gefiederte zum Liefertermin vor der Tür stehen, – so das gewollt ist.  Möglicherweise mit Lilienschal.

bottle collage


cartons collage1

carrots wein glas bild mk

It is autumn, – just ask the parrots

The parrots’ diet changes in winter:  the grapes are gone now. The parrots are more likely to find clementine slices in their food trays than grapes.  Are they sad the grapes have gone to the cellar?  Judge for yourself.

In the first picture, Erbse demonstrates the usual munching technique applies to grapes and clementines alike, the same technique that can be seen on our bottle’s label: hold the food with one claw and munch it.

In the second picture, an overjoyed Erbse wishes he had 5 claws to grab as many clementine slices he can find: if only he could hover, then he could at least use claw No 2 for a third slice.



Green Feather 2014 Vintage gets presented

A confident Green Feather Marketing Executive was spotted giving an eloquent presentation on the 2014 Green Feather vintage.  Spectators were allowed to taste (if the beak did not stop that) and just about were able to make out that the white wine before them was excellent, in fact a Praedikatswein, had an organic certification and was even harvested by hand, ensuring only spotless grapes made it to the cellar.

All that in parrot language!




It was not just vampires, witches and skeletons walking the streets of Darmstadt through Halloween mist last night – dragging surprisingly large bags full of sweets with them -, the fairytale scenery in the park next to our house also had to accommodate a few bottles of wine that wanted to be part of the Halloween scenery:

IMG_9222 IMG_9218



2015 Vintage: Oechsle never seen before

IMG_8905A quick note to say: We have harvested. The turnout of friends who came, who make the venture of bringing the grapes into the cellar possible, was higher than the previous year. The gratefulness I feel towards them is difficult to describe: kids’ appointments, parties, birthdays, etc, are all cast aside to come out into the fields and help us. It is cold, it is repetitive, despite the good chin-wag you can have, from row to row, it takes a lot of dedication to cut every mouldy berry out: we do it, we stay in our ‚handlese-world‘, we compare aching limbs in the days after.
mz and erbse harvest
Would James Bond put his assignments on hold to come out for a Green Feather Harvest? Would M have given him a little code that makes all the mouldy berries fall off in one go, without the need to poke the fiddly cutters into the grape bunches? Would the house-tall harvesting machine of our neighbour suddenly roll toward us, with mumbles in a foreign accent; would Bond suddenly put two and two together, link the approaching harvesting machine with out a scheme he’d been chasing for years; would the crucial clue be in the stacking of our harvested boxes; would he press a button on his watch to stop the harvester crushing our vineyard; – the button would fail, since everything had gotten sticky from the grapes; but he would have rescued us; gas heaters would drop from the sky dangling from parachutes; and we, the pickers, could sit together and share our impressions of the day (which we did anyway, bar the heaters).

IMG_8897 IMG_8909

And in case even more people turn up next year (plus or minus James Bond), we have already got an oversized espresso maker: IMG_9113

(“Oechsle” being the sugar degrees measured in the grape juice, before it starts fermenting.)

Blink and you miss it!

Or: “If I blink once, this container will suddenly be full of healthy grapes.”

Some might say that a careful manual harvest takes way too long. Cutting out any mould, any unripe berries, that kind of stuff. It certainly exercises your gluts, squatting in front of bucket and vine.  The sound of a house-tall harvesting machine rushing past us, as we clean out one bunch of grapes: it might increase the uneasy feeling of having dropped out of modern world timing.  The harvesting machine looks as it is about to suck in a  hectar a minute, – the fancy terms written on its side (“selective process on board”) feel like a finger in our direction, ridiculing the muck on our gloved fingers, in fact, on our everything, from face to toes.

No better way to escape that feeling than starting a caption competition of Marzipan (or  ‘parrot No 1’) thought when he inspected the empty grape container in the morning.  After all, he headlined our harvest last year, and if Erbse grabbed that headline this year, then Marzipan deserves his very own blog post.

photoMarzipan blinks

“I blink and then the container is full”. Wishful thinking at the harvest start

Then again, he could have been thinking back at posing on a full harvesting container last year. “No, not again!”, his eyes could have said.

More suggestions welcome.

Harvest kick-off: Who is faster, human or dancer?

Human or dancer? Human or parrot, I meant.

Gloves, “bUckets”, cutters. Us humans have to sort through our tools, before venturing out for sticky-sweet grapes. For the parrots – in this case Erbse – this became too much:  impatiently, he climbed up the first vine before I could reach for the cutters with my gloved hand:

"O'zapft is": a parrot kicks off our harvest

“O’zapft is”: a parrot kicks off our harvest

And if we wanted the harvest to start with a ritual to rival the hammer blows and shouts of “O’zapft is” at the Munich beer festival, then the parrot beat us humans to it: sitting in-midst leaves and pink-tinted grapes, he pulled the first berry from its stem: “O-zapft is!” Us humans looked on in defeat. The grape was tasty, so much was obvious. It was time to follow the parrot’s lead.

We can do with all the luck we can get, especially for our big harvest still to come in a few weeks. Here is for hoping that Erbse’s opening ritual pulls all of that luck into our grapes!

photo 1 photo 2

Pre-harvest impressions

Here is what it looks like at the moment: sun (good), ripe grapes (also good), mouldy stuff (not so good, to be cut out). We will come back with post-harvest impressions. Enjoy last year’s harvest impressions in the meantime.  As you can see, bringing the parrots along, helps an awful lot!


   reife trauben u sonne

reife trauben

faeulnis 2015


Evidence that our “Winterbegruenung” is growing, even without a tractor preparing the ground. Hooray! Here is where we put the seeds in: http://www.greenfeatherwine.com/blog/the-august-santa-claus/

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