Since our grapes are white, nothing turns red in the vineyard. So, the ‘red season’ happened at home: My dry-run for taming grape juice and yeast in autumn was an attempt to make a small amount of stawberry wine. The pretty slices of strawberries soon turned into a pink stew. One evening I returned home to what looked like pink toothpaste splatters on the wall around the glass ballon: It has suddenly gotten warm, prompting the strawberry stew to escape through the airlock.

Eventually, when I separated the pulp into solids and wine, all that was left from the 3 kg of strawberries was a smiley face.

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erdbeerwein maische gaerung ballon hefe roehrchen

On its way to become strawberry wine

roehrchen ballon erdbeerwein luftblase

spot the air bubble

fruchtwein erdbeere maische ballong

what was left of the strawberries

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