The 2016 Vintage: da-daahhhhh!!!

Very dedicated friends help with the careful harvesting of our grapes. There is no machine. Their names are listed on the bottle. The opening of the first bottle with them is therefore something special.  It became even more special this year, since we were in the beautiful surroundings of the jewellery workshop of Vio Dedio Kulessa. A studio that also serves as a shop for great present ideas, – if you live in Darmstadt (Bessungen).  As has happened before, we were surprised by the enthusiastic reaction to the new wine, – we ended up driving round the next day to deliver on all the requests, – a fabulous chore to have! As has also happened before, when we were running round serving wine and explaining things, we did not take pictures. But we can show you pretty amazing pictures of the set-up there. And when the parrots were investigating the venue, – before the wine-drinkers and grape harvesters arrived. Hence the odd combo that the nectarine served up for the parrots look like the more essential product of the night, compared to the wine. Never!  We look forward to more events of this kind! Well, maybe without the pouring rain. That would be nice! If you are interested in the wine, email us on and we will arrange delivery! Enjoy