Headspace – Our new wine

Should you also see snowflakes looking out of the window, it is easy to change this image slightly and arrive at the mental picture of the yeast floating through the steel tanks during fermentation a few weeks ago. It is fascinating how the flavours of the juice change on a daily basis during this whole process. As the yeast settles to the bottom of the vat, we get a clearer idea as to what the wine will taste like.  Since we have a small bit of Bacchus and a larger bit of Silvaner, we will most likely mix the two grapes. One part of the Silvaner spent a small period in a wooden barrel, so we are likely to have two types of 2016 wines: the typical steel-vat style and the one with that buttery mouth effect from the barrel.

One surprise factor each year is how intense the flavours are that are so typical for the type of grape, the Silvaner and the Bacchus.  Last year, the Bacchus flavours were really intense.  This year, we don’t know yet whether the Bacchus is following in the same direction.  You can measure the “Thiole” at the laboratory, to measure whether it will be a “shy” wine or an “outgoing” one.

At the time I was researching this a bit more, various radio stations discussed what the “word of the year” for 2016 was. They were related to facebook  (“filter bubble”) and the Austrian never-ending election (“Bundespräsidentenstichwahlwiederholungsverschiebung”). My favourite phrase at the time was one for a device for measuring taste components in the wine (in German): die “Headspace-Gaschromatographie in Verbindung mit einem gepulsten flammenphotometrischen Detektor” (see page 18 of the pdf).