Green Feather going places

Cologne or Duesseldorf?

It sounds like the start of one of those conversations: London or Edinburgh.  Adelaide or Sydney.  San Francisco or New York. Hong Kong or Singapore. Fribourg or Freiburg. Beirut or Cairo. Manchester or Liverpool.  Berlin yes, but which district. Or just the conundrum of whether to move a few streets away, out of reach from the current neighbours. Etc etc etc.

A list of conversations I have had or overheard.  Am I restless? Is this post about the travel bug?  It is about choices. Where would you live, is a question often disected into intangible motives. Where would you live if money did not matter… if friends/family could be beamed anywhere….. Conversations powered by what we harvest when our inner fields are blossoming with fruits of our own ideas of freedom.

I was reminded of such conversations by a bit on the radio/podcast.  She wanted to move to Australia, he wanted to stay in Canada, with the elderly mum.  No question.  Even if he lost her in the process.  He was not up for these dreamy conversations. He knew where he was strapped into life, no need to ponder. Day after day he wanted, it seemed, “direct notification” of whether the family member in need of care had eaten: he chose the comforting food smell as notification and not just a distant online confirmation.

Do wine bottles face the same conundrums when offered to move around the world? Travel-dreaming is precisely what Green Feather bottles are doing at the moment. They want to introduce themselves to new audiences.

It mind-travels itself easily to new locations where Green Feather bottles could sell;  a glass of the 2015 between beach sand and the yelps of sea gulls; a glass of the 2014 by a ski-hut’s open fire. But then the practical difficulties and „passport“ requirements of each country hit those bottles, like a sea gull poo dropping from the air.

The good news is that Green Feather is travelling. It has pulled some of these imaginary locations out of the mind game and drapes its chilled aroma molecules over the evening bar chatter of these places. So go and enjoy Green Feather in Montreal, Cologne and two bars in Darmstadt.

The latest addition to Green Feather’s residences is Zwoelfgrad (Martin Luther Platz 1, 50677 Koeln), a wine shop in Cologne. On shelves angled at twelve degrees, Green Feather bottles are mingling with other exclusive wines. Check it out, spread the word, crack open (or gift) a bottle.  And if someone asks you „Duesseldorf or Cologne“, you know where to point them…..

ready to travel