A parrot needs to taste

There is excitement. With everyone who helped us pick; with other friends who are curious, we will be opening the 2016 vintage.  in preparation, we taste again. Of course, if we taste, the parrots, Marzipan and Erbse, feel like they also need to taste. And check the temperature of the wine. Luckily, distraction is at hand, a walnut is always more interesting than any other item of food or drink, that they may hope to get from us.

There’s just one silly habit: If you get to munch on the most exciting item you constantly crave  (in this case, a tiny bit of walnut), then, wouldn’t the best thing be to keep quiet about it?  Picture taking a spoonful of the best ice-cream, cake, ripe fruit, or anything else  you might have a craving for; and picture going into complete ecstasy on that first spoonful; “MMMMMhhhhhhh;  mhhhhhhhhhhhhMMMhh;  MHHH; mmmmh; MMMMMMMhhhhh;.  I could draw the different octaves, but you probably have the picture.

The parrots have their equivalent noises to react to something as exciting as a walnut. Making the noise, without fail, makes the other parrot rush along in excitement.  And then a fight ensues.  Just because one is quicker than the other in munching it; or one dropped it; which means the one bit that is left in a beak becomes very contentious.  Heavy fighting that can draw blood.

Hence, not announcing that you just discovered this amazing gorgeous piece of nut would be the best safety mechanism to apply. I will talk to them.  Maybe they get my suggestion.  But not tonight.  Tonight, everyone is knackered.  From wine tasting and describing of wine flavours.  Or from just a tiny bit of walnut. Good night.