Spat woa’s, passt hod’s.

“Spat woa’s, passt hod’s” is the name of our 2015 wine, the green label. It was late, but it was all good.  In Austrian dialect. Which could be applied to more than just the wine.  Specifically, it referred to when you harvest and what acidity you find in the final wine and whether the acidity needs to be reduced. Germany being such a northern wine growing region, acidity tends to be high. Too high for some. Especially, if you are struggling with tummy aches and reflux. And there are several methods for reducing acidity. But that’s for another day.

This being December, I just wanted to post a few pics to show how dramatically the vineyard changed over the last few weeks, from yellow leaves at harvest stage, to doing the winter work and seeing bare stems; to the frosty image now.

2016, it was very very nice knowing you.  Pass my regards to 2017 and let 2017 also be a nice year! Thank you!

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