Glasses clinking in the sun

There is so much to talk about, – the freezing temperatures that our vines sat through unharmed, luckily;  the growth – both of the vine leaves and of the weeds; whether the green underneath the vines should just grow this year; what the straw we put out will do; – lots, lots, lots. There’s the 2015 vintage that’s imminent.

But for this post, all we want to convey are images from a very sunny Loerzweiler wine walk: the parrots and wines competing for attention from those walking past.

green feather wine stall


By the time the stall was done, lots of new human eyes had met the parrots’ eyes, the excitement fluctuating between both sides. How boring, after all of this sitting on kids’ hands and imitating laughter, must the post-wine-stall activities seem to them: the washing of glasses, the wiping down of the cool box. Just to prove their endless ability to find excitement anywhere, they almost wanted to walk into the dishwasher with the glasses, before taking a more conventional shower and walking off to find a perch somewhere in the house:  turns out that watering cans come equipped with parrot perches. That image, Erbse grooming his wet feathers on the watering can, was a nice meditative end to this particular wine stall. Shame that neither Erbse nor Marzipan will receive a ticket for our next stall in Berlin.

green feather parrots marizipan and erase