Bye bye Berlin

Eventually, the parrot had to come down. It happens, we are told, to other parrot owners, that the parrot has to be tempted down from heights unreachable for humans. We hope it doesn’t happen to us too often.

In this case it was less dramatic, as it was the banner parrot image that had sat high above the fair for two days, before Frankie offered a piece of apple and the parrot flew down.

imageFor two days, the parrot had listened to praise for Green Feather Wine at our stall and had considered, how the wine fits into the funky Berlin strolling along below him.

The 2016 Next Organic fair was a good place to offer the first taste of our 2015 vintage, after receiving the official classification “Prädikatswein”. And once the official label has arrived, it will be available more widely.

Thank you Berlin. Thank you Frankie. Thank you the Parrots.