Bacchus Aroma Dreams

What’s occurring in these early stages of 2016? Around this time last year, we had already attempted some cutting and had posted pictures of fleeing into the van (half man half parrot), surprised by sudden snowfall.

We are starting 2016 with three exciting items, a quiz picture, news on our 2015 vintage and the obligatory parrot update.

1) Here’s the picture:

OOCL Belgium
And the question is: What does the vessel OOCL Belgium have to do with our wine?

2) What’s happening to the wine from our 2015 harvest?

Still a long time to go before we bottle it. The wine is only just getting comfortable in the various vats.  We keep checking the taste.  We are sharing around the strong Bacchus aromas we have been gifted with. One taster said he did not know Bacchus could do such aromas.  Those aromas will eventually go into the Cuvee with the Silvaner. And whether you are already thinking that Silvaner is an amazing and versatile grape or whether you have yet to be converted away from other pre-conceptions, our (as always dry) blend of silvaner and bacchus (the bacchus being our small quantity and as such the addition of the „je ne sais quoi“) will be very exciting.  We wish them both all the best for their continued rest in the vats, have a good creative snooze you two, we can’t wait for the result.

3) Talking of snooze:

What a yawn! Here is Marzipan (one of the Marzipan-end-Erbse-parrot-duo) caught power-snoozing. (see 0.34; 1:00; and then from 1.50)


On that snoozy note, have a very good year 2016!