an avalanche of weeds

I always picture an avalanche when the weeds sweep over (or under) our vines.  Experiencing this avalanche helps with understanding the glyphosate discussion: how much manual effort is necessary to keep the weeds in check; the pros and cons of all those methods;  only then can I picture why so many farmers are so intent on holding on to a “simple” chemical that gets rid of this avalanche.

Glyphosate, how I understand it, are designed to travel to the inside of the plant they are applied to, in order to kill it from within. That “drying out” effect is also used on grains and potatoes, which sounds particularly nutty, to spray it on the finished fruit; when usually, one would observe a period of say 6 weeks of no spraying, before harvesting anything. That’s why it is forbidden in some countries.

But coming back to the avalanche and our attempts at dealing with it (manually):  straw has been dealt with in a previous post earlier this year;  but these three images show: 1) the avalanche of weeds; 2) a fleece designed to stop the weeds from growing; and 3) a conventional neighbour’s chemical efforts.






Or, put together:

compare chemical and organic way of dealing with weeds