Harvest kick-off: Who is faster, human or dancer?

Human or dancer? Human or parrot, I meant.

Gloves, “bUckets”, cutters. Us humans have to sort through our tools, before venturing out for sticky-sweet grapes. For the parrots – in this case Erbse – this became too much:  impatiently, he climbed up the first vine before I could reach for the cutters with my gloved hand:

"O'zapft is": a parrot kicks off our harvest

“O’zapft is”: a parrot kicks off our harvest

And if we wanted the harvest to start with a ritual to rival the hammer blows and shouts of “O’zapft is” at the Munich beer festival, then the parrot beat us humans to it: sitting in-midst leaves and pink-tinted grapes, he pulled the first berry from its stem: “O-zapft is!” Us humans looked on in defeat. The grape was tasty, so much was obvious. It was time to follow the parrot’s lead.

We can do with all the luck we can get, especially for our big harvest still to come in a few weeks. Here is for hoping that Erbse’s opening ritual pulls all of that luck into our grapes!

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