Carrot Protest

If only all those large protests held in Germany at the moment were about a simple-to-solve question such as  „Are we heading out today?“.

We were not heading out this weekend for more cutting of the vines, due to lurgies and weather (snow).

Nick was out for an „Abstich“ (taking the young wine from the yeast; – the yellowish mud coming out of the barrel in the photo below is the yeast), but that was it.

Bad news for the parrots. I could, of course, be imagining that the shredding of a large carrot was done in protest at not heading out.  it was fun to watch, in particular the skill with which he stopped the carrot from dropping to the floor again and again. The only difficult bit was the other parrot, Marzipan, nibbling on the phone camera, while I was filming the carrot destruction project.

The kitchen has been freed from orange carrot bits; the parrots are grooming; and we can go back to the question how long we intend to leave the 2014 vintage in the vats, before bottling it.

abstich holzfass

parrot and carrot

almost dropping the carrot….. The actual parrot toy would be just behind him, but everything the humans use is much more interesting.