The Green Feather Harvest 2014 – Mission (Im)-Possible

IMG_3829 copy 2Very excited about reaching harvest time, – when all the work put in during the year is put to the test:  Was the halfing of the grapes successful? Do we have less mouldy bits to cut out?

The two feathered ones seem to have a different outlook on the whole harvest experience: lots of yummy grapes, – they are happy. One of them, Erbse, even practised the “Mission Impossible Squirrel Run” at home (see the video below),  in case the grapes were tricky to get to.  – He needn’t have worried.

Dear harvest helpers, – we look forward to seeing you tomorrow and look forward to a gorgeous day!!


p.s.: I will do a separate blog entry on the whole “halfing” business (“Halbieren”), – it seems so nutty to have cut away most of the bunches in early summer….

p.p.s: a “face” appears in this blog post and that’s an exception. One of the models in this picture works in social media and is happy to show his face on the web. The other two like any attention anyway.