Midsummer Night Murder – a Hunt for Grapes

Detective Brown, wiping her eyes after a mere 90 minutes sleep, turns the key in the ignition of her old car. Nothing. ‚Please, stick with me, just for today, it’ll all be over today. It MUST be over today.“  She tries again. The engine howls and she is off, chasing after the most significant sighting of the suspect in her drawn-out murder hunt as yet. He was spotted by the water. And when she gets there, he might or might not have disappeared into one of the many coves along the coast….

If this little scene from your Sunday evening „Tatort“ or other murder drama has not got you sitting on your hands or biting your fingers, I don’t know what does.

For me, this kind of suspense feels very real and, as we move from July to August,  increases from week to week. Granted, it is not a murder I am chasing…… What I am chasing is this:  an idea of healthy grapes by the time we harvest; and all the threats there are to that in organic agriculture.

This is what they look like at the moment.  The possibility of them going mouldy lurks around behind every corner, mind you, every leaf.

If you are interested in joining into the climax of that drawn out suspense, – the harvest, in September or Oktober, then let us know.  We could not do this project without our amazing supporters!  Let’s chase down those grapes, let’s catch them!

photo 1