“Everything is awesome….

….when you’re part of a team”

I can’t get this line out of my head since I watched the Lego movie, and I am still singing it, as the sun sets on my pruning efforts on the grapes.

And again: “Everything is awesome, when you’re part of a team!”
This team, in the vineyard, in a bio/organic vineyard, consists of many insects.  The state of some of the plants around me is miserable, I am trying to point this out to those insects, as my singing becomes as repetitive as my cutting tasks.  “Everything is awesome….”  I am not sure it is so awesome that we have to share our grapes with them, the insects, the team. I put my (gloved) hand into another bunch: “aarg, earwig – sh….t, – great.” – “As long as you leave some of the grapes for us…..”

The birds will be lining up next, to join the “awesome team”, as soon as the grapes turn sweet. Luckily, we have befriended a dog. When he sees us working in the vines, he does very excited jumps through the rows. If he can just keep that routine up during the week,  when we are not around, that might scare off some of the candidates eyeing up the grapes.

There is proof, btw, that this is the dog with the best manners in the village: Just on another day, a fellow dog walked up to me working in the vines.  There was no ‚hello‘, just a lifting of his leg against the vine next to me. I had been warned in whose territory I was. Then he walked off.

With so many encounters, I could be made to believe I am in  New York subway station, could I not?

clouds summer above vineyard