Harvest Columbo-style

Two blog posts ago I wrote about the suspense suspense suspense, of the tension of an overstrung guitar string, of seeing the harvest date approach.  Hm, I seem to have likened it to the near-final chase of a suspect by a sleep-deprived detective determined to get her suspect before night sets again.  This is where the whole story falls apart, where I can report success and failure.  The harvest was a big big success, yeah!  We put in a lot of manual work over the summer: So, when you look at the picture below, the question is:  What do you see?


IMG_4036“A bird”, you may say.  And I can’t deny that this is correct, that Marzipan, the parrot, is sitting there, like Columbo, proud of the huge pile of grapes that gave the clue to his solving a murder. Who knows, he might even look smug.

Whereas….., I see something else. And it is embarrassing to admit:  When I open the picture on a full screen, I can’t help but stroke over the grapes in the picture, still gob-smacked how “clean” the grapes look.  “Clean”, in this case means: no mouldy bits, and there are plenty of examples here.  Obviously, you would say, they look “clean”, because you would cut all the mouldy bits out, you and all your helpers at the harvest. True that! But in this case, we did not have so much to cut out, so happy harvest helper punters could clock off at 3pm of a sunny day, after having gorgeous cake brought along by one of them.

So…., the gob-smacked bit is about how well the “communication” with the plant worked, given that the “communication” (with cutters) took place late at night, wearing a head lamp.  The plants understood and produced healthy (organic) grapes.  Time for a well-deserved rest for the plants, until we start cutting in early 2015.

collage harvest 01

Doh…., I can hear.  Why wouldn’t the communication have worked?  Since, in the same way Columbo is misunderstood by the subjects of his investigation, the plant could have misunderstood my cutting, could have overcompensated, could have produced mouldier grapes than ever.  There!

So…., happy punters, sunny day, cake, no getting stuck in the mud with the trailer full of grapes:  – Where is the report of failure? That failure lay in the metaphor, – the detective running through the fields:  we must have lost her somewhere in the run up to the harvest. Her out-of-breath state-of-affairs might have been a good metaphor for last year’s harvest.  This year, it was Columbo all the way.  We got them, the healthy buggers. And they ran straight into it.  No effort needed on our part.

Thank you, thank you, thank you: to all those that came and helped!!! See you hopefully next year.

parrots on ferry collage

The parrots bringing home “the bacon” or the harvest. (This photo was actually taken earlier this year on the Kornsand-Nierstein ferry.)

Oh, there is just one more thing: Some of the young wine is in a wooden vat, the rest in a metal one: the difference in taste is huge! We like them both, of course, and will keep you posted.

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And the “halfing business” (“Halbieren”) from earlier this year (June):

halbieren comparison