More pictures, more admin


(Click on this link for more pictures!)

I am reluctantly getting online with a compromise-type suggestion:

My reluctance in posting something new roots in something very simple: What’s happening wine-wise at the mo is very adminy, – a lifting device was delivered to the cellar, to allow us to be more gentle with the juice and not pump it.  A freezer was delivered to allow us to freeze the juice we will be adding once the wine is done.  A small press has been found. Oh yes, and we are still trying to work out how healthy or otherwise our grapes are. Ok, the details were sometimes quite funny, – a weekend wondering how to get this lifting machine down into the cellar.

I still thought that for anyone reading this, it would be more exciting to see how the grapes are doing, than to see images of our small cellar.  So, here is a whole lot of recent pictures, – enjoy!  And hopefully the next update, in October or so, will bring news of a harvest!