“Sleepless in ….”: The Green Feather Harvest 2012

What was the last thing you did that was so good that you could not go to sleep? A film, a book, meeting someone? For me last night, it was the harvest of the Green Feather Silvaner yesterday, the buzz of so many friends and colleagues helping us out, the excitement of all the things we had researched and discussed now sitting in our hands (quite literally, in the case of some very ripe grapes).

We started the day in a fog that left the exact end of our harvesting effort a bit fuzzy. By the time of our lunch picnic, we glanced into the sun as if it was a mid-summer’s day. The parrots flapped their wings, as if this was part of the official grape treatment procedure. What was a moment of cheerful goodbyes to parrots and friends at the end of that afternoon, was also the start-gun for the – for us novices possibly nerve-racking – transition from grapes to wine. The grapes will go through some pretty transforming stages, hopefully give us the essential aromas from the grape skins and come up with some clear juice. The clear juice then dives into fermentation, to resurface as wine.

In all of these steps, the question is how deep you put your hands into the drawer of supporting powders, etc. We try to work even harder and use less of those! More on that another day, but before I head to bed, I wanted to thank everyone who turned this harvest ‘job’ into such an amazing day!