We make wine. It’s that simple. We’re a small vineyard in Rheinhessen with less than a hectare of vines. But we put our hearts into it. With help from our friends. And from two small parrots who just happen to like grapes.


And our wine has a special taste. We primarily produce Silvaner, a dry white wine with an acidity similar to its more famous cousin, Riesling. Our 2014 vintage is in the bottle – our best yet, and and has even reached the restaurant tables of Canada. The 2015 harvest is maturing nicely. We harvest by hand and spend a lot of time personally tending each vine.

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Until the end of 2017, we were certified under the EU organic farming scheme.  Since then we have taken a break from production while we look for a new home. We get to admire what others have achieved in this field. We are grateful for the know-how they are prepared to share with us. But our intuition is also to question things such as chemicals used in traditional vineyards and look for alternatives. If you speak to the vintners around us, you will find many different convictions as to what the ‘right way’ is, on treating the ground, the grapes, the insects, etc.

Read the full story in our blog or watch the video below to see how we got started!